City Permits of a single family house

architectural design

Provide the plans, elevations, section, and the details that city needs to approve. Based on Ontario Building Codes (OBC), requirements, and the documents that surveyor had provided

Structural design

City permits process

Follow up the zoning, adjustment comity, and submitting for permit

interior design

Providing the interior design documents for

  • Kitchen and pantry including layouts of cabinets, island, appliances
  • Powder room, bathrooms, and laundry: including layouts of plans, walls, vanities, mirrors, and accessories
  • Master bedroom, en suite, and walking closet
  • Reflected ceilings of entrance area, living room, dining room, family room, basement, bedrooms, and kitchen
  • Floors of entrance area, living room, dining room, family room, basement, bedrooms, and kitchen
  • Bar and wall units in living room, family room, and basement
  • Home office
  • Railing & stairs (inside and outside)
  • Consulting on landscape

Choosing Materials

Being active in the market to assist the clients for choosing the materials (interior and exterior), kitchen and bathroom items, and lightings

Regular job site visiting

  • Offering an explanation of guidelines and final expectations to each contractor
  • Regular job site visiting to make sure they are on design
  • Solving the problems and adjusting the design by construction issues at the right time

project manager, interior design

  • Consult with the client regarding their available space, needs, and style preferences
  • Monitor closely progress for all aspects of the project and ensure efficient, accurate implementation of the project plan
  • Communicate regularly with the client; provide regular status updates and handling any questions or changes
  • Manage the schedule for visiting the project by inspectors, accompany with the inspector at job site and follow up the comments of inspector to get approval
  • Give the client the heads-up to arrange tasks that project needs to go forward
  • Provide the list of contractors start to finish the project
  • Assist the client to arrange the contractors for each stage
  • Prepare planning, budgeting, and execution tasks in advance before starting the construction phase
  • Regularly job site visits to ensure standards and schedules are met