Gelanaz & Associates is specialized in Interior Architectural Design of:
Luxury Upscale Interior Custom Homes
Large Scale Renovations
Minor Renovations
Commercial Interiors

The scope of work is always customized to individual requirements of our clients in order to provide them with a personalized solution.
We choose to become partners with our clients from developing the concept to rendering the construction only to ensure that their individual requirements are met according to the best available choices.

We love to take time to listen carefully to your needs, requirements and tastes.
We arrange a visit to your project location to study all the parameters, in order to learn more about the overall project potential, while doing necessary feasibility studies according to our work standards.

We will present you the concept design based on your needs, location potentials, and our expertise.

In a manner of time, we develop the concept design to finalize drawings and details.

  • Space planning
  • Interior architectural details: Interior floor plans & partition plans/ Complete furnishings plans/ Interior detail plans/ Interior ceiling plans & lighting layouts/ Elevation drawings/ Sectioned drawings/ Tile patterns & layouts/ Millwork drawings/ Cabinetry designs
  • Exterior detailing

We will make it easy for you to see the finishes. Among the wide range of materials, colors and textures, we’ll make a narrow list of choices, no compromise on quality, to assist you to pick the finishes.
We believe that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, it is all about making the right choices.
We work closely with talented tradespeople and high-end suppliers that offer excellent workmanship and materials.
Selection of: Finish specifications/ Hardware/ Wall coverings/ Lighting fixtures/ Plumbing fixtures/ Appliances/ Cabinetries/ Millworks details/ Flooring, Tile, Stone, Quartz, Glass & Mirror, Metal Work, Trims, Mouldings, Plaster Details, Paint Colours & Finishes

We assist you every step of the way so you can enjoy the process. We will track timeline and budget scope in the construction process and monitor every tiny detail closely, to comply with the design vision.

We are happy to assist you to surpass your expectations!